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Hero Clean Odor Eliminator

Unmatched odor and bacteria control for fabrics shoes and gear. Our Odor Eliminator spray contains the Hero Clean Odor Defeater Technology, which employs a patented 6-enzyme formula with added probiotics to combat odor at the source. For use on anything fabric you can’t put in the washing machine. Shoes, workout gear, padding, helmets, bullet proof vests, car seats, pet beds, carpeting and more. Great for removing sweat, smoke and pet odors!
  • Probiotic-based odor elimination for long-term odor control for shoes, gear, and fabrics
  • Contains Odor Defeater Technology to combat the hardcore sweat-caused odors.
  • A portion of Hero Clean proceeds support American Military and First Responder Causes.
  • Ideal for fabrics and gear that won't go in the wash.
  • Made in USA
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